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What are other faculty saying about Go? From our 700+ diverse patient cases and activities to our incomparable customer service, faculty recommend EHR Go as the EHR teaching platform of choice.

Baker College & EHR Go logos


Baker College serves thousands of students across the state of Michigan, as well as across the US through our global campus. Baker College offers diverse academic depth and breadth in undergraduate and graduate programs across 8 academic colleges, ranging from health sciences and engineering to business and technology.

Blackhawk College & EHR Go logos


Operated as one college with two campuses and several outreach sites, Black Hawk College offers both career and transfer programs. The college also offers a wide range of special purpose and community outreach programs.

Black Hawk College offers a full array of student clubs, honor societies, athletic programs and judging teams. Athletic teams compete in the NJCAA Arrowhead Conference.

Bryan University & EHR Go logos


As a private institution with an 80-year track record of excellence, Bryan University’s mission is a commitment to the students, graduates, and employees. It’s a commitment to providing experiences that transform their lives for the better.

Centennial College & EHR Go logos


Over the past 50 years, Centennial College has transformed itself from a local community college to a worldly institution, with a presence in countries like China, India, South Korea and Brazil.

The focus has always been on preparing graduates to enter the work force, while teaching students to be leaders. They’ve worked to build lasting partnerships with local communities, while preparing graduates to succeed globally.

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine & EHR Go logos


For more than a century, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) has trained highly competent, caring physicians, health practitioners and behavioral scientists who practice a “whole person” approach—treating people, not just symptoms.

Salt Lake Community College & EHR Go logos


Salt Lake Community College is Utah’s largest college with the most diverse student body. It serves more than 60,000 students on 10 campuses and with online classes. All ages. Many interests. Flexible scheduling. With an exceptional range of academic and career-oriented options.

Samford University & EHR Go logos


From acute care to community pharmacy settings, The McWhorter School of Pharmacy prepares students to join one of the most dynamic and important professions within health care.

Southern Adventist University & EHR Go logos


Southern Adventist University’s School of Nursing is located in Collegedale, Tennessee and housed in AdventHealth Hall, a beautiful state-of-the-art center for nursing education. The space includes well-equipped classrooms, high-tech skills and assessment labs, Simulation labs with high-fidelity simulators, and a 68-computer station Learning Resource Center. Overarching all programs within Southern Adventist University is the intentional integration of Christianity into learning experiences and the support services offered to our diverse student body.

Southern Adventist University & EHR Go logos


The mission of Southern Simulation Center is to offer realistic, hands-on, simulated nursing care experiences using mid- or high-fidelity technology; to strengthen clinical decision-making skills and emphasize current best-practice guidelines; to provide reflective debriefing opportunities; to reinforce classroom learning; to nurture and support students’ efforts to practice and learn.

University of Michigan Flint & EHR Go logos


The College of Health Sciences (CHS) at the University of Michigan-Flint is for students who are pursuing careers as healthcare professionals in the diverse fields of physical and occupational therapy, public health, healthcare management and other related fields.

University of Pittsburgh & EHR Go logos


The University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy is providing innovators and discoveries that solve complex medication-based problems of today and tomorrow. The innovators are people—the students, the alumni, and the faculty and staff.


As Tennessee’s only public, statewide, academic health system, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking discoveries that improve the lives of those in our immediate area, as well as those in our state, region, and global community.

West Georgia Technical College & EHR Go logos


If you are interested in pursuing a career in the important field of health care administration, you can focus your education on supporting the continuum of care with WGTC’s Health Information Management degree program. Technology is transforming health care, opening up a new world of opportunities for health information management (HIM) professionals with specialized skills in collecting, analyzing, and protecting vital patient information and medical records.

Winston-Salem State University & EHR Go logos


Winston-Salem State University is a bold, vibrant and diverse academic community that fosters the creative thinking, analytical problem-solving, and depth of character graduates need to transform themselves and their world. These values embody our motto, “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.”

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