The Detectives. The Healers.

Your students are training to be the healers and the detectives – the professionals who will keep bodies and systems in motion. Your students are the physical and occupational therapists, the respiratory specialists, the counselors, the speech therapists and the dietitians. You need an electronic health record education that addresses their special documentation needs.

We Know Therapy

We developed our product with DPT, PTA, OT, OTA, Respiratory Care, Speech Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Counseling students in mind – our content is tailored to make them succeed.

Real-World, Detailed Scenarios

EHR Go includes a huge variety of patient scenarios that students can interact with just like working professionals in the field. Teachers assign activities that students can complete and submit — and it’s all web-based and optimized for mobile tablets.


Minh Vu

Minh Vu

90-year-old male

Minh Vu, an elderly male, arrives at your long-term care facility after being in the hospital for a ruptured left middle cerebral artery aneurysm. Minh has already survived a complicated surgery. He has complex care needs and wants to get back some of his previous level of independence. He’s now in for a long road to rehabilitation and needs your help. The PT or OT student may do an initial evaluation on Minh, while the PTA and OTA students will carry out the plan. The respiratory and dietary team is charged with assessment and evaluation of Minh’s complex needs for oxygen and nutrition with his new PEG tube. Students who work with Minh will need to be astute in their assessments and thorough in their charting. Minh’s outcome depends on careful documentation and interpretation by you.

Student Activity

Review Minh’s patient information, determine how you will care for the patient and record your assessment and care into Minh’s EHR.


    Comprehensive rehab cases, inpatient and outpatient.


    We have the documentation you use, like vent flow sheets for respiratory care or PT SOAP notes (and everything else in between).


    Interactive activities for the development of occupation-based intervention plans and strategies.


    Calorie counts and detailed nutritional information for your dietitians.


    Imaging available right in the EHR in conjunction with your cases.

Therapy – On The Go

Your students are responsible for everything from basic patient documentation to healing vital body systems. Therapy students’ assessments are crucial to safe patient care, and these students need to learn on the best electronic health record. We train your students to critically think.

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