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Go knows Health Information Management

EHR Go is for all levels of health information students, from associate to baccalaureate and graduate programs.

Our educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) is realistic to practice, and your students can do everything from basic EHR competencies and coding to complex data mining and analytics.

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Go is for

Curriculum-Mapped Activities

Go includes a huge variety of real-world activities to meet HIM competencies.

Our robust activity list includes the estimated time for completion. Just assign the activities and students submit their work in your own LMS – it’s all web-based and accessed from anywhere.

Big Data means big opportunities for learning

Go includes SQL-based data querying activities. Use it to help your students bring meaning to large datasets by identifying issues, improving quality and performance, assessing population health, analyzing patient costs, enhancing patient care, and more.

Content for all academic levels

Go has content for Associate, Baccalaureate, and Masters level courses. From foundational activities about electronic health records to data queries and analytics of an EHR database, Go has you covered.

Realistic EHR Experience Included

The Go educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) closely resembles popular EHRs like Epic® and Cerner®. The Go EHR enables students to review realistic content in a simulated format.

Students will become adept at using the technology as part of their profession.

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Realistic activitiesLet us tell you a story

It’s no secret that people learn and retain best through the power of story. Throughout history, humans have used stories to educate, inform, and pass on important lessons.

Story-learning sticks. It moves us and helps bring meaning, depth, and compassion to otherwise static information.

The Go EHR is realistic to practice and our library of learning activities bring the power of story to HIM education. Built to be as multifaceted as the situations they represent, the realistic scenarios embedded in our activities introduce vital HIM concepts, lessons, and terminology in ways your students will connect with.

medical logos graphic

Students will review the data in the patient chart in detail and, by using critical thinking skills, list what is present, deficient, incorrect or incomplete in the patient chart.

stethoscope with health insurance forms

This activity provides an in-depth look at the CMS 1500 billing form requirements. Students will audit an electronic claim in Go and identify any missing fields that could cause claims to be rejected.

pharmacist at desk on computer with medicine

A step-by-step beginner activity that requires basic query logic. Activity scenario: Students will examine the General Hospital’s Adverse Drug Event (ADE) incidence, including the type, or cause, of the event and patient-related information, such as gender, age, insurance type, and race/ethnicity.

Go includes hundreds of activities and patient charts that students can interact with. Find out how you can use Go in HIM education.

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Relevant activities

Activities for data analysis, detailed coding, architecture management, quality improvement and more.

Preloaded patient info

Use our master patient index and database to data mine and analyze.

Progressive content

Start with a basic intro to EHRs, or have your students perform complex data retrieval and analysis.

For coders

Includes inpatient and outpatient coding activities; ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPTS/HCPCS.

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