The Architects of Data.

You’re teaching the analyzers, the informaticists, the hospital administrators, the information managers. It’s vital your students learn to read and quickly analyze large amounts of information, then apply that analysis to safe patient care.

We Know HIM

EHR Go is for all levels of HIM and HIT students, from certificate to graduate programs. Our educational EHR for HIM is realistic to practice, and your students can do everything from simple coding to complex data analysis.

Real-World, Detailed Scenarios

EHR Go includes a huge variety of patient charts that students can interact with just like working professionals in the field. Teachers assign activities that students can complete and submit — and it’s all web-based and accessed from anywhere.


Diabetes Case

You’ve worked as a case manager at a rural health center in northern Minnesota for 6 years and are part of the hospital quality improvement committee. You’ve noticed that one of the providers has been admitting a high percentage of patients with diabetes as their admitting diagnosis. Many of these patients have similar symptoms, like hypertension, and all are over 60 years old. Can the data help you to figure out what’s going on here? Is this and outlier, and if so, what is causing this trend?

Student Activity

You need to find out if other patients in the database match these details, and if there’s a more complex cause for these patients’ diagnoses.


    Activities for data analysis, detailed coding, architecture management, quality improvement and more.


    Use our master patient index and database to data mine and analyze.


    Chart abstracting, duplication resolution and more.


    Start with a basic intro to EHRs, or have your students perform complex data retrieval and analysis.


    ICD9 and ICD10 are both available.

A real EHR for HIM

Your students are responsible for everything from correctly coding patient charts to deeply analyzing data to ensure safe patient care. HIM students need an electronic health record that allows them to really dig in – and EHR Go offers a full experience for the coding and health information student.

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