The Accurate, Dynamic Thinkers.

Your pharmacy students will be vital to medication ordering and verification, and safe patient care. They will be relied upon to improve patient care and must be sharp, accurate, dynamic thinkers with hands-on experiences with electronic health records. EHR Go gives them that experience.

We Know Pharmacy

We developed our educational EHR for Pharmacy Technicians and PharmD students, with front and back-end pharmacy management controls.

Real-World, Detailed Scenarios

EHR Go includes a huge variety of patient scenarios that students can interact with just like working professionals in the field. Teachers assign activities that students can complete and submit — and it’s all web-based and optimized for mobile tablets.




27-year-old female

Rose is a 27-year-old female with type 1 diabetes who lives alone. Earlier today she was brought into the ER after she was found by her neighbor unconscious in her backyard. She was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia, but she was also in diabetic ketoacidosis. Her physician has called on you to help determine a safe and effective antibiotic and insulin treatment for Rose. She has no family to help her with medications and has had historically poor glucose control. You will need to carefully review Rose’s medical history in her EHR and help with Rose’s pharmaceutical plan of care. Once Rose’s medications have been ordered by her physician, you will also need to carefully review these medications and verify them for safety.

Student Activity

Review Rose’s EHR information and determine the best antibiotic treatment based on evidence. Then, review and safely verify Rose’s medication orders.


    Front and back-end medication management.


    Drug formulary, medication orders and more.


    From basic patient care for Pharm Tech to complex scenarios for PharmDs – activities and scenarios for all levels.


    Order review and verification.

A Realistic Pharmacy Educational EHR

Your pharmacy students need a realistic, detailed electronic health record so they can provide safe, efficient patient care. Our EHR for pharmacy has the right tools to help shape confident pharmacists.

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