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Great patient casesAudio Collection:
In my own words

Each patient case in our newest collection includes a realistic and compelling audio interview, so your students can get a true-to-life experience of working with the patient.

Have your students listen to the audio, conduct a thorough review of the patient’s entire Electronic Health Record (EHR) on the Go platform, then create a comprehensive plan of care.

Students will build their understanding and find the information they need to care for, diagnose, and treat, while learning important documentation skills.


Go’s diverse and realistic patient cases bring the power of story to healthcare education and reinforce human-centered use of technology. Built to be as multifaceted as the individuals they represent, the stories of our patients introduce vital healthcare concepts, lessons, and terminology in ways your students will connect with.

Greg Knutson older male patient

Greg Knutson is a 50-year-old male with a history of bipolar disorder. He had back surgery about a week ago and has run out of his opioid pain medication. He came to the emergency department a short time ago, seeking more opioids. He then became violent when he was questioned by the nurse. Greg was transferred to the emergency psychiatric intake and a psychiatric consult was ordered.

Should he be admitted or sent home? What follow-up plan should be implemented, and why? How will your students help Greg?

Brittany Lark female toddler

Brittany Lark is a 5-year-old African American female with a history of sickle cell disease, diagnosed as a newborn and treated with regular folic acid supplement. She was brought in to ED a few hours ago by her mother, who stated patient has been complaining of right lower leg pain over the last two days. She has been admitted to the Hillside Pediatric Hospital for probable VOC (vaso-occlusive crisis).

Brittany’s mother has many questions about sickle cell and needs an interdisciplinary plan of care for the child and her family. How will your students help Brittany?

Oscar Sanchez older male hispanic patient

Oscar Sanchez has arrived at the Emergency Room today with complaints of chest pain. After an initial cardiac work-up, following ACS Protocol, and administering a GI Cocktail in the ER, he is being discharged with some new medications and a diagnosis of non-cardiac chest pain.

Oscar needs a revised multidisciplinary discharge plan that addresses his specific situation. How will your students help Oscar?

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