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Go’s educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) and learning platform was created by, and for, nursing educators. While it’s grown to include all healthcare disciplines, we consider nurses our foundation and have designed patient scenarios and documentation with you in mind.

Use our realistic, customizable patient cases and activities to bring clinical experience to all areas of the curriculum. With Go, nursing students learn to use technology to practice human-centered care.

What do faculty say about Go? Review these case studies and white papers.

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Go fits right into the classroom

Use our hundreds of diverse patients to teach and illustrate key concepts throughout the curriculum. From pathophysiology to pharmacology and med-surg, assign cases as homework to promote critical thinking and hone documentation skills. 

Use cases for class discussions and Flipped Classroom case studies by providing students with discipline-relevant critical thinking questions along with the case.

Develop clinical judgement skills

Go’s HIPAA-compliant Student Portfolio enables students to practice documentation on standardized and real patients for educational practice. Students have an unlimited supply of blank clinical charts and can revisit past charts to continue documentation. Students can submit their EHR documentation to your own LMS for easy grading.

Use Go in Simulation

Whether it’s for lab practice, OSCEs, or high fidelity simulation, all of Go’s patient cases can be used for simulation. Create your own patients, use patients based on popular scenarios and manikins such as NLN/Laerdal, CAE/Meti, and ACES Cases, or pick any of Go’s realistic patient cases for a great simulation experience.

Go includes a barcoded eMAR, a full drug formulary including Pocket Nurse® and Wallcur® medications, patient wristbands, ability to add new content on-the-fly, and a Group Work feature that enables students to practice holistic patient care together.

Oh, and did we mention Go works seamlessly with your own lab equipment?

Realistic EHR experience included

The Go educational Electronic Health Record (EHR) closely resembles popular EHRs like Epic® and Cerner®. The Go EHR enables students to document patient care and administer medications in a realistic barcoded eMAR.

Students will become adept at using the technology as part of their patient care experience.

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Great patient cases for nursingLet us tell you a story

It’s no secret that people learn and retain best through the power of story. Throughout history, humans have used stories to educate, inform, and pass on important lessons.

Story-learning sticks. It moves us and helps bring meaning, depth, and compassion to otherwise static information.

Our diverse and realistic patient cases bring the power of story to healthcare education and reinforce human-centered use of technology. Built to be as multifaceted as the individuals they represent, the stories of our patients introduce vital healthcare concepts, lessons, and terminology in ways your students will connect with.

With a thorough review of a patient’s case in the Go EHR, students will build their understanding and find the information they need to care for, diagnose, and treat, while learning important documentation skills.

Teach students to focus on patients, not technology.

Brittany Lark female toddler

From the collection: In My Own Words, with audio interviews

Brittany Lark is a five-year-old living with Sickle Cell anemia who has been admitted to the Hillside Pediatric Hospital for probable vaso-occlusive crisis diagnosed at an emergency department visit for right leg pain. 

Can your students help Brittany?

  • Brittany’s case includes resources such as: Evidence based management of sickle cell disease, Family education for sickle cell disease, Pharmacotherapy of sickle cell disease, and Sickle cell disease in children.
Harold Jenkins elderly male patient

Harold Jenkins is a 74-year-old male with early dementia and a recent hip replacement. After a short hospital stay he was transferred for inpatient rehabilitation at Valley View Therapy Center. While at the Therapy Center, he developed signs of depression and an SSRI was started. He has now returned home, where he lives alone, and is beginning home health care. 

Can your students come up with a holistic plan of care for Harold?

Leslie Calhoun young female patient

Leslie Calhoun’s pregnancy was uneventful and she spontaneously delivered healthy twins after 16 hours of labor. During labor, Leslie received epidural anesthesia, which corrected her elevated blood pressures but also slowed her labor. Due to hypotonic labor, oxytocin augmentation was initiated.

As Leslie’s scenario unfolds, she begins to display signs of post-partum hemorrhaging. Students will be expected to take vital signs, perform a focused assessment and report the changes to the physician, administer IV, IM and PO medications as ordered, and prepare for new orders from the physician.

Can your students help Leslie?

Go’s patient cases are realistic, diverse, and customizable. Find out how you can use Go in nursing education.

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Use anywhere

Go is web-based, with no software to update or maintain, and can be used in any learning environment.

All levels

Great for all levels of nursing – activities and scenarios range from introductory to complex critical thinking.

Meaningful scenarios

Go’s included scenarios are realistic and address important, current issues, and trends in healthcare. You are also able to incorporate your own scenarios into the platform.

Real-world data

Vitals, labs, patient wristbands, barcoded medication administration, and more.

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