The Efficient Diagnosticians.

You’re teaching the diagnosticians, the analyzers, the interpreters. Your smart students are learning to read between the lines, to document accurately and efficiently, then analyze that documentation to find the safest and most efficient patient plan. You’re training the nurse practitioner, the doctor, the physician assistant, and you need an electronic health record as smart as your students.

We Know Providers

We developed our educational EHR with the Medical Provider, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant students in mind – and our EHR will train your students to make safe clinical decisions.

Real-World, Detailed Scenarios

EHR Go includes a huge variety of patient scenarios that students can interact with just like working professionals in the field. Teachers assign activities that they can complete and submit to their teacher from any computer.




66-year-old male

Glenn is a nervous 66 year old male with a history of GERD, hemorrhoids and a 32-pack-a year smoking habit. Glenn doesn’t like to go to the doctor’s office and he is embarrassed about his symptoms. During his visit today, he complains of problems with recent fatigue and chronic stomachaches, but he is happy to report that he recently lost over 20 pounds “without trying at all.” What will you need to ask Glenn? What examinations will you perform? You will need to order appropriate labs and decide how to proceed. Glenn’s care is in your hands.

Student Activity

Review Glenn’s history and physical information and determine a diagnostic and treatment plan by putting together the puzzle pieces that are his signs and symptoms.


    Detailed, comprehensive in-patient and out-patient charts with modifiable information.


    Portfolio-based charting for clinicals – using HIPAA-compliant language, your students can document with real patients during their rotations


    Activities for primary care, preventative medicine, critical care – you name it. And if we don’t have it, we’ll build it.


    Students will learn everything from prescription writing and patient documentation to consults, referrals and critical thinking.

An EHR for Providers

Your students are the leaders – and need to feel the most comfortable with the technology they use in practice. They’re at the front lines of patient care, and need to learn on an EHR that will teach them quick and efficient patient care. EHR Go will give them a realistic documentation experience.

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