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“Students felt that EHR Go and the virtual clinic was “realistic” and gave them the opportunity to practice nursing and using critical thinking that they’d be required to do in a real scenario.”



Course NameVirtual Clinic for Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing I, II, and III, Mental Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Maternal Child Nursing and Synthesis.

Course description:
A standardized virtual clinical experience for students who missed clinical assignments created in response to the pandemic. Every student who misses a clinical experience that can not be completed at the clinical site, is required to make-up missed clinical hours in a consistent structured program. This program was developed by the School of Nursing simulation coordinator who is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator. The program consisted of trained nursing adjuncts who serve as virtual clinical instructors to guide students in the learning experience. The use of EHR Go, Google Docs, and Zoom are the consistent resources needed to create this optimal learning experience. All healthcare students within the college have access to these resources without added expense.

Dr. Sara Wilk and Dr. Lori Dewey

What prompted you to begin using Go?

“The School of Nursing simulation coordinator began using EHR Go for clinical make-up during the fall 2018 semester. The campus found that using this product was an effective way to keep the students engaged and encouraged the integration of EHR Go into labs, didactic courses, and high fidelity simulations in addition to its use in clinical make-up hours. In the fall 2020, multiple students were unable to complete clinical hours and required an alternative method to make-up missed hours. It was imperative that students receive consistent, quality make-up clinical education when they were unable to attend in person clinical at a healthcare facility. EHR Go was selected as the tool that would help address these challenges.”


Baker College has established a site license for EHR Go, which allows faculty to create a login and password using their college access. New faculty account set up can be facilitated by peer faculty who already have EHR Go accounts, without relying on product representatives. Students only need the EHR Go access code (pin) to set up their accounts and registration instructions are short, simple to follow. These functions eliminate access barriers and contribute to the ease of use. One virtual instructor reported, “even novice users can pick up the program”.

Virtual clinical assignments were created that mimic patient encounters students have in a clinical facility. From the EHR Go patient encounters, students created concept maps, patient profiles, medication cards, learned about diagnostic procedures and lab values, and completed numerous virtual patient assessments. The students charted patient assessments, medication administration, hourly rounding, and focus nursing notes. This and more was done throughout the virtual clinical day and the virtual clinical instructor has access to view what the student completed within the EHR Go patient chart.

What is the student experience using Go?

“Students shared that the virtual clinical experience was much more interactive and made it easier to learn. They appreciate having a virtual option that made having a clinical possible. Students felt that EHR Go and the virtual clinic was “realistic” and gave them the opportunity to practice nursing and using critical thinking that they’d be required to do in a real scenario.”

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About the Institution

The beginnings of Baker College trace back to the turn of the 20th century, with the founding of Muskegon College by Woodbridge Ferris—who later became Governor of Michigan and then a U.S. Senator.

Just two decades later, Eldon E. Baker—an educator who built a highly successful business college in Winfield, Kansas—moved to Flint and founded Baker Business University, which stood at the corner of Court Street and South Saginaw.

In 1965, these two institutions came together under a single academic group headed by Robert Jewell of Muskegon. Throughout the years that followed, the schools continued to thrive and the group began to expand its outreach through the acquisition of other schools and locations.

Today, Baker College serves thousands of students across the state of Michigan, as well as across the US through our global campus. Baker College offers diverse academic depth and breadth in undergraduate and graduate programs across 8 academic colleges, ranging from health sciences and engineering to business and technology. Baker College strives to cultivate and encourage positive action, critical thought, and the knowledge students need to improve their lives, careers, and the world around them.

School of Nursing at Baker


  • Increased engagement
  • Improved overall comprehension
  • Real-world skills 


  • Greater flexibility in lessons
  • Used the existing content and patient cases extensively
  • Able to incorporate my own research through the customizable content


Case study submitted July, 2021

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