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“It is easy to use, interactive, and fun.. I like that it is very much like a patient’s chart and would love to practice documenting with this platform.”



Course NameIPE Experience Across Disciplines

Course description:
The EHR GO IPE Case Event will promote achievement of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC, 2016) core competencies. Students will:
1. Work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared values. (Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice)
2. Understand the scope of practice of other health professionals and providers. (Roles/Responsibilities)
3. Develop effective communication skills to ensure high-quality patient care. (Interprofessional Communication)
4. Perform effectively in different team roles to plan, deliver, and evaluate safe, effective patient-centered care. (Teams and Teamwork)
5. Participate in the evaluation of the IPE experience

Cynthia Bell, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Jo Ann Coco-Ripp, PhD, LRT/CTRS
Sara Migliarese, PT, PhD, MSCS

What prompted you to begin using Go?

“The WSSU IPE team intends to build on the previous IPE experiences by utilizing software with prepared simulated cases and an electronic health record system. This will allow students teams to preview a patient case in a simulated medical chart reflecting notes from various disciplines involved and beyond. It will allow students to provide health related documentation for evaluation and evidence-based treatment and health related billing. Go was chosen as the solution to implement due to the ready-made variety of diverse cases.”


The IPE team modified an existing case (Raul Monteiro) to reflect an ED, ACUTE and Inpatient rehabilitation stay (where he currently was being treated). Students from the health disciplines of OT, PT, Nursing, Ther. Rec, CLS, SW, HCM, and PA were assigned to groups and assigned a group case link shared via an announcement in CANVAS (for WSSU-note Wake Forest PA used a different LMS). The experience was arranged as a one-time virtual Zoom gathering. We used three different Zoom groups with about 10 breakout sessions each for the student groups to meet. Each group had a faculty facilitator who had access to training with Go and the learning experience process as well as a facilitators guide to refer to.

This was a one-time learning experience with students from multiple health professions programs. Typical average access to the case by the participant students was 2-3 views.

What is the student experience using Go?

“Out of the post-experience survey respondents, 77% were very satisfied or satisfied with their GO experience.”

Here are some students comments from their overall IPE Go experience:

  • “Was great to have a realistic EHR format!”
  • “It is easy to use, interactive, and fun.. I like that it is very much like a patient’s chart and would love to practice documenting with this platform.”
  • “I thought it was a valuable program and I hope it is integrated more into the OT program in the future. It was very helpful to see all of the notes written by different members of the healthcare team- it reminded me a little bit of EPIC!”
  • “It was helpful to have a “EMR like” documentation system to navigate through similar to what one would use in the hospital/clinic.”
  • “EHRgo program is helpful for facilitating learning for medical profession students.”
  • “EHRgo was a great tool that allowed us to gain a ton of information about our Pt! It provided us with notes, medications, vitals, and more for us to check and the Pts status allowed us to have an in depth conversation about what was going on.”
  • “EHRgo was difficult to understand at first, but the student orientation videos helped me out at the end.”
  • “The program was great and very helpful, the patients profile was very well constructed. It made me feel like I was dealing with a real patient
    -I thought it was really well-done, comprehensive, and so interactive.”
  • “The information was laid out in a very simple and easy-to-follow manner.”

Comments on features of GO:

  • “I think the main feature was simply the tabs on documentation and going through to see what notes were left by each profession so I could get an understanding of what had been done. It may have been nice if there was a way to filter like “only OT notes” or “only PT notes.”
  • “Notes tab had a lot of information and the information at the top bar was helpful to get basic information about the person.”
  • “Previous documentation from all disciplines…”
  • “Specialized tabs for health maintenance…”
  • “Trending/tracking of vitals and lab values…”

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  • Improved overall comprehension
  • Real-world skills
  • Provided a venue for faculty collaboration in revising the case to the needs of the IPE learning objectives


  • Allowed collaboration of numerous faculty members from different health professions on a patient case that simulated the real-world medical record.


Case study submitted August, 2021

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