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“I have greatly appreciated having Go as a resource. I have incorporated into courses in multiple ways.”



Course NamePhysical Dysfunction

Course description:
Students continue the study of additional adult disabilities to learn how effects of dysfunction on occupational habits and occupational roles, apply the Occupational Therapy (OT) process, problem-solve ideas, become introduced to rehabilitation assessment, treatment techniques, and community resources.

Gabe Byars, OTR/L

What prompted you to begin using Go?

“Teaching students to apply and express clinical reasoning is an important learning objective of the course. We use case studies as a tool to accomplish this goal. In the past we have used a case study book. However, this book only contained 6-10 relevant case studies. EHR Go provided both a variety of existing case studies and a template for creating unique case studies. This has allowed me to expand assignments using case studies.”


I found implementation of Go to be a very straightforward and seamless process.

What is the student experience using Go?

“Students have reported enjoying using Go. Students report enjoying the application of the knowledge with clinical cases and appreciated realism inherent in the Go case studies.”

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About the Institution

Salt Lake Community College is Utah’s largest college with the most diverse student body. It serves more than 60,000 students on 10 campuses and with online classes. All ages. Many interests. Flexible scheduling. With an exceptional range of academic and career-oriented options.

A superb faculty—and a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:20—means our students get personal attention from exceptional academic and vocational professionals.

This is a place where high school graduates can take their first step into higher education and later transfer to a 4-year school, and where students can learn training and skills to take them directly into the workforce. Career professionals sharpen their skills. And anyone can take a class for their own enjoyment.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program:
The Occupational Therapy Assistant program is an engaged service learning program. Service learning requirements are embedded in coursework. Students are required to spend 150 hours or more involved in service learning, which may be outside of scheduled course times. Students may be required to attend conferences and out-of-state activities. The expenses of these requirements are additional student costs. Expenses can be offset by enrollment in AmeriCorps, if available. Students with a “B” average or higher will graduate as civically engaged scholars.


  • Increased engagement
  • Improved overall comprehension
  • Real-world skills achieved


  • Greater flexibility in lessons
  • Incorporated my own research through the customizable content
  • Able to retire my textbook/s and use the Go platform for the entire course


Case study submitted December, 2021

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