The Next Generation NCLEX is coming

The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) exam will use case studies and ask new kinds of questions, designed to help nurses think critically.

It is recommended that educators begin incorporating the clinical judgement measurement model into their curriculum immediately.

With Go, you are ready to start today.

Help your studentsBuild Clinical Judgement Skills

Go uses case-based design to teach clinical reasoning in a meaningful way.

Patient cases within Go’s simulated EHR are multi-faceted and holistic in their scope. When planning care for a Go patient, students must evaluate and organize competing needs into levels of urgency, while making simple to complex clinical judgments about their patient care – just like in real-life and just like on the Next Generation NCLEX exam.

Go offers the diversity, practice, and preparation your students need to be ready for the test, with a wide variety of clinical decision-making scenarios.

Flexible formatRemote, in-person, or hybrid lessons

Go is web-based, with no software to download or maintain, and can be used on any computer or browser.

Accessible from any location with an internet connection, Go allows you to conduct your lessons from anywhere and in any way you need to.

With 300+ ready-to-go patient cases within a realistic, simulated electronic health record (EHR), Go allows you to begin preparing students for the Next Generation NCLEX today.

Etta Rose elderly African American female patient

From the collection: In My Own Words, with audio interviews

Etta Rose is an 82-year-old female brought to the hospital by a friend for shortness of breath and weakness. She was admitted for a COPD exacerbation. She has recently been diagnosed with Stage III COPD and an effective medication plan has not yet been found. She lives in her own home in a dedicated retirement community with no local family support available. Her adult children would like to see her move into a skilled nursing facility, but she prizes her independence.

How will your students help Etta?

  • Review the audio resource of this conversation, the other case resources, and Etta’s EHR. Then create an interdisciplinary and comprehensive discharge plan.
Raymond Ezell young male patient

From the collection: Systemic Racism in Healthcare

Raymond is an eight-year-old boy who has been brought to the ER with significant burns to his hands, arms and torso. Raymond has a learning disability and lives in a group home within the foster system. He sustained severe burns when he accidentally started a fire while playing with a barbecue grill lighter.

The ABCDEF primary survey has been completed and now Raymond needs the percentage of total surface burned body area calculated and supportive treatment initiated.

How will your students help Raymond?

Charles Bishop elderly African American male patient

From the collection: Code Blue!

Charles Bishop is a 68-year-old African American male who was just admitted to the hospital for decompensated heart failure. He has current complaints of a 12-pound weight gain, difficulty breathing and edema in his lower extremities.

He is experiencing severe dyspnea, sinus tachycardia with an irregular rhythm, generalized edema, orthopnea, weakness, and fatigue. His initial admission assessment to the ICU has been completed.

How will your students help Charles?

  • Orders have been entered into the patient’s EHR. Mr. Bishop needs a complete head-to-toe assessment, vital signs, I&O, his medications given, and a review of his labs and diagnostics.
Sharon Woods elderly white female patient

From the collection: Patient Education 101

At the first home visit with Sharon Woods, multiple safety hazards and concerns were noted within her apartment and recommendations were made to enhance the safety of her home environment.

At today’s visit, education needs to be provided about home safety using the CDC’s STEADI initiative resources. Orders have been placed for the home health team to complete the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model and Mini-Cog to further assess Sharon’s need for further in-home services and equipment.

How will your students help Sharon?

Go’s patient cases are realistic, diverse, and customizable. Find out how you can use Go to help your students prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX.

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