Go Interactive

A new series of structured activities available exclusively within EHR Go.

Designed to help students learn to critically evaluate patient health status and document in the electronic health record, Go Interactive structured activities feature the compelling and diverse patient cases you expect from Go.

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With introductory and advanced options, Go Interactive patients include a bank of questions and pre-loaded audio responses for a realistic data gathering experience.


As your students work their way through the interview questions, they will develop clinical judgement, critical thinking, and communication skills and practice documentation, all within EHR Go.

No more switching between platforms or dealing with clunky avatars. Go’s realistic, interactive patient cases are built around the human stories healthcare professionals see every day, housed in an easy-to-use, educational EHR. Just like in practice.

EHR Go is an educational electronic health record and learning platform, interactive and customizable, for IPE and discipline-specific real-world practice.

Go Interactive: Get Ready for Open Notes

How will your students professionally document the information shared by Tommy’s mom and dad?  Students can practice these skills and so much more with EHR Go.

Cases come with a bank of questions and answers for interviewing the patient and gathering data for documentation with Go’s educational EHR.

Try it out now.

Tommy is an Autistic 6-year-old boy. Since starting kindergarten, Tommy has been having difficulty with aggression and behavioral outbursts. His teachers and family need help. He is admitted to the inpatient pediatric unit today so that the healthcare team can complete a detailed assessment and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to support Tommy as he begins school.  Tommy’s parents will tell you all about it, if you ask the right questions.

How would you describe your family’s communication style and effectiveness?

Mom’s response:

Dad’s response:

Can you talk about a crisis your family has experienced and how you handled the situation?

Mom’s response:

Dad’s response:

What are you most afraid of for Tommy and your family if his problems are not addressed?

Mom’s response:

Dad’s response:

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Go Interactive: Simulated Health Assessment is available to all EHR Go users. If you currently use Go and have questions, click here.

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