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“The projects/case studies are always the favorite part of the course for the students.”



Course NameIntroduction to Healthcare Informatics

Course description:
The informatics course is a 1 credit course taught along side the first semester nursing course, Fundamentals. It is designed to give the student an introduction to informatics, understanding the history of it and how it is utilized in healthcare. EHR Go is used in the course to provide the students with an introduction to documentation on an EHR through 3 patient files/case studies.

Kerry Allen MSN, RN

What prompted you to begin using Go?

“We had used a different EHR platform in the past and was looking for one that was eaiser to use and continued to emulate what was being used in healthcare.”


The already-loaded content was a great resource, and additional case studies were added. Throughout the course the students complete 3 “projects” or case studies. The “Power of the EHR” is the first project the students complete, which provides a great overview of the EHR and helps the student navigate through the components. The last 2 case studies were developed and added into EHR Go with a case history of a patient that the student reads through, critically thinks about the patient’s diagnosis and plan of care a nurse should provide and then documents nursing care using the EHR.

What is the student experience using Go?

“The projects/case studies are always the favorite part of the course for the students. As this course is in the first semester, it gives the students a feeling of being a “real nurse” early on.”

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About the Institution

Southern Adventist University is a co-educational institution established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, offering doctoral, master’s, baccalaureate, associate degrees, and one-year certificates. Various delivery modalities (face-to-face, online, hybrid and other) are employed in order to effectively support learners enrolled in the university’s classes and programs.

School of Nursing:
Southern Adventist University’s School of Nursing is located in Collegedale, Tennessee and housed in AdventHealth Hall, a beautiful state-of-the-art center for nursing education. The space includes well-equipped classrooms, high-tech skills and assessment labs, Simulation labs with high-fidelity simulators, and a 68-computer station Learning Resource Center. Overarching all programs within Southern Adventist University is the intentional integration of Christianity into learning experiences and the support services offered to our diverse student body.


  • Increased engagement
  • Improved overall comprehension
  • Real-world skills 


  • Greater flexibility in lessons
  • Used the existing content and patient cases extensively
  • Able to incorporate my own research through the customizable content


Case study submitted July, 2021

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