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Creators of Go
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When Archetype Innovations was founded in 2008, we set out to design the most powerful resource for healthcare education we could imagine.

The healthcare field was at a crossroads, and it was clear that electronic health records (EHRs) needed to be incorporated into healthcare curricula in a meaningful way. At Archetype Innovations, our goal was to create an affordable, educational tool that would bring a human-centered approach to the heart of the technology.

With that in mind, we built Go to introduce students to the complexities and nuance of practice, while being simple and fun to use. We created diverse and realistic patient cases and content, all within a multidisciplinary and interprofessional educational EHR.

In a field that is rapidly changing, we innovate on the leading edge while staying true to our original goal: Teach students to focus on patients, not technology.

Shad Neese, Don Annala, Kathleen Annala

In 2007, co-founder Kathleen Annala was teaching nursing and interprofessional education with the only educationally-available EHR system at the time. She had helped develop that academic EHR and could visualize the potential benefits to education, but the EHR system was still frustratingly difficult and expensive. That’s when she decided to take a major leap and go “all-in,” making the switch from teaching to becoming a business owner.

She and her husband Don joined up with creative mind and technical genius Shad Neese to create a dedicated educational EHR.

Archetype Innovations’ Neehr Perfect educational EHR was released in 2009 and took off quickly. Neehr Perfect was widely used in colleges and universities by 2010.

Kathleen still wasn’t satisfied. She had planned to bring an easy-but-powerful EHR to healthcare education, but she also wanted an EHR that was simple to use as a case study delivery method in the classroom, while powerful enough to work for high fidelity simulations in the lab. She wanted all of this without any upkeep or maintenance, and with very little training or orientation. So the Neehr Perfect team went back to the drawing board.

Hard work, knowledge, passion, and perseverance paid off. In 2015 the updated platform was finally born: Go. The Archetype team created Go with years of experience, knowledge, compassion, and a whole lot of moxie. They listened to users and saw what educators needed to make their students successful. The result is the most innovative educational EHR and learning platform available. Faculty use it in the classroom, assign it as homework, and most programs that use Go see their usage grow and expand every academic term.

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