What’s the best way to make an assignment using Neehr Perfect in the skills or health assessment lab?

Neehr Perfect is the best EHR for the SIM lab because it is the only real, nationally certified inpatient EHR with dozens of nationally standardized nursing documentation forms and tools for authentic skills, health assessment and simulation.

Create the assignment by determining the record you want students to document in: a patient case record, their own student portfolio record (the record in their own name), or a blank record, perhaps sharing the name of the skills course or skill itself.

During the skill or assessment exercise, (and maybe before for pre-planning purposes or pre-assignment) have the student access the record and document as the nurse would in the hospital. Faculty should direct students to a specific note title or documentation form in the EHR- this will assure consistency in meeting course outcomes.

After the exercise, the professor can login to see the listing of student work ready to be signed off in the EHR. Access the completed work by double-clicking on the notification from the patient selection screen. Give feedback by creating an addendum or sign off on the note.

Ideas for use:

Skills check off. In preparation, create one to three versions of a patient record each with different orders covering course objectives (e.g. Version A orders for Braden and Wound Care, Version B orders for medication administration requiring math, Version C Respiratory exam and Oxygen Administration, etc.). Faculty can create multiple copies of each Version patient just as you would create multiple versions of a written exam. Students should prepare for any of the possible order sets from the different Versions and will receive their “Version” at the time of the check-off. Have the student open the record, perform the appropriate skills per order and document in the EHR as directed.