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What do the different activity categories mean?

Knowledge activities are designed to promote knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and concept review. These activities require the student to analyze important details in the patient’s electronic health record for greater meaning. Knowledge activities are an interactive type of case study for the EHR. They are perfect for classroom, independent study, clinical make-up, and homework assignments.

Skill activities introduce students to important psychomotor skills and documentation basics for healthcare. Some skill activities can be completed by the student independently, and others are designed for in-lab use. Skill activities include note documentation, skills practice, medication administration, health assessment, provider decision-making, care planning, as well as scheduling, insurance, and claims.

Application activities bring knowledge and skills to life in a realistic clinical encounter. Application activities are designed for simulation and other hands-on experiences. These activities come with simulation scenarios with preparation and setup instructions for faculty. Application activities are designed for use with popular manikins or standardized patients and the EHR Go patient’s EHR.

Orientation activities address foundational concepts and informatics topics. They focus on safe practices in the EHR. Orientation activities can be used in the classroom or as a homework assignment.

What mobile devices work with EHR Go?

EHR Go can be used on any tablet with a minimum screen size of 7” and a minimum resolution of 1024×768.

For the best experience when using an Android device, the tablet will need to run Nougat, or higher.

For the best experience when using an iOS device, the tablet will need to run iOS10, or higher.

EHR Go is not supported on smartphones at this time.

Note: Please be certain the mobile operating system in use is the most current version available from your device manufacturer (ex. Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.) If the manufacturer does not support the version you are using, we cannot guarantee the EHR will work on your device.

Our teaching team is here to help during your Preview. Call us at 877.742.3926 (M-F, 8-5pm CDT) or click here to send us a note.

Am I able to view EHR Go as a student?

Yes, all faculty have the ability to preview any patient or activity as a student user. You can do this by choosing the Student View button in any patient or activity. You’ll notice while in Faculty View the color coding is blue and in Student View the color coding is orange. The difference between these two views is primarily evident under Step 3: Assign (which the faculty see) vs Download Work (which the students see).

How do I review my students’ work?

Your students will submit their activity document or progress report by uploading it to your learning management system (LMS). You can provide feedback right on the Word or PDF document they submitted, save it, and upload it your LMS.

How do I assign work to my students?

Assigning work to your students in EHR Go is as easy as 1-2-3.

To share content with students: Once you find a patient or activity you would like to assign to your students, you will use the Faculty View to review and assign. Step 3 of the Faculty View: Assign, contains a URL, or link, for the content. Share this link with students to give them access to the content. (You can share the URL by highlighting it and copying it to your clipboard with a right-click or Ctrl+C, then pasting it somewhere for students with a right-click and paste or Ctrl+V on your keyboard.) Again, in order for students to access the patient or activity, a faculty user must assign it to them by providing a link found in the Faculty View Step 3: Assign tab. This link can be posted in your learning management system (LMS) or provided to students on a handout or through email.

To preview content as a student: The Student View will allow you to review the content exactly as your students will see it. You can even download an EHR report in Step 3 of the Student View, Download Work. Click on Step 1. Overview & Resources to find helpful teaching materials related to the chart, such as barcodes, student activities, and answer keys.

To edit content for students: Select the Duplicate button in the Faculty View of any activity or patient that you have not authored or co-authored in order to create a custom version of the item. You will now have an Edit View of the activity or patient and may freely edit the Overview & Resources in Step 1 or the EHR in Step 2. *Note that your custom content will now have a unique assignment URL, so be sure to copy and share the URL from Step 3 in the Faculty View of any content you have customized.

What will the full Neehr Perfect Go! include?

When you choose to adopt Neehr Perfect Go!, you’ll get access to our full library of patients and activities, along with complete functionality like Progress Reports (which are the reports student generate to turn in their assignments to you).

How do I convert from Preview to the full Neehr Perfect Go?

Easy – if you’re a current customer and want to switch from CPRS to Go!, just fill out the Neehr Perfect Go! request form here.

If you’re not a customer yet, but are ready to adopt Neehr Perfect Go! for your school, click here.

What won’t I be able to do in Go! during Preview?

During Preview, you won’t be able to assign Neehr Perfect Go! EHR patients or activities to students (since this Preview is just for faculty). You won’t be able to save your work in the EHR yet or download EHR Progress Reports, and you won’t be able access the entire body of Neehr Perfect Go! patient charts and activities. But everything else is available for full exploring – so don’t be afraid to click every button.

What will I be able to do in Go! during Preview?

During Preview, you’ll be able to access a sampling of Neehr Perfect Go! EHR patients and activities to get a feel for the EHR. These activities and patients are just a small representation of what you’ll have in your EHR when you adopt.