How do I orient my students to the EHR?

The best way to orient students is to have them watch the Student Orientation, read a few guides – then try it out. Play and test things out in the EHR using any patient named with the prefix “zz” or the patient record by your own name. You can place any order or write any type of note you choose.

Neehr Perfect EHR is a full-scale hospital-grade EHR system. The EHR is a CCHIT nationally certified inpatient and outpatient EHR. This means that the layers of information it is built to contain and organize is immense. The Neehr Perfect EHR contains the components of a full hospital and clinic. Do not expect to obtain user mastery right away. Start with simple uses and assignments, use Neehr Perfect for formative, rather than evaluative learning.

Remind students and new users who experience anxiety or technical difficulty what practicing health professionals must feel when having to learn to use an EHR system while caring for patients. Users are fortunate to have the time to learn to use an EHR in a safe, practice environment.

Neehr Perfect is truly a real EHR system, so the excuses, “I would never do it this way in real life, or, This would be easier in real life,” do not apply. For any potential headaches related to the EHR, this is real.

Remember, the safeguards in place related to co-signing, eSignatures, elaborate passwords, and multi-step order verification are there for real-life patient safety and are what nurses encounter in a real EHR in the hospital. Therefore, practicing with Neehr Perfect helps students to become adept at using the EHR (a real EHR) in the background while focusing on providing the best care for their patients.

Begin orientation with a simple assignment to log in, explore the Tabs and document using a templated note (such as the Med-Surg Nursing Progress Note).