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Your students are responsible for everything from basic patient documentation to saving lives. Nurses can be the heart of safe patient care, and they need to learn on the best electronic health record. While EHR Go is now in use by every healthcare discipline, we started with nursing – and we know what you need.

We Know Nursing

We developed our educational EHR with CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, FNP and DNP  students in mind, and have all the documentation and scenarios they’ll see in practice. Use in clinicals, clinical makeups, OSCEs, health assessment, simulation, lab – you name it. Robust content – and you have full control.

Real-World, Detailed Scenarios

EHR Go includes a huge variety of patient scenarios that students can interact with just like working professionals in the field. Or you can create your own. Our patient cases and academic EHR is leveled for your unique uses.


Mrs. Shriver

Mrs. Shriver

82-year-old female

Mrs. Shriver is a 82-year-old female in your care today. This morning, she was brought to the hospital by EMS, and admitted for shortness of breath associated with her COPD. She has a long-standing history of COPD, hypertension and emphysema and lives alone at a retirement complex with no local family support available. During her hospitalization, the nursing team will need to conduct frequent respiratory assessments and provide ordered care to improve her level of oxygenation. You will learn about common respiratory medications and must be prepared to administer these medications and other ordered cares to help Mrs. Shriver breathe. During and after your care of Mrs. Shriver, you will need to be thorough in your electronic charting and care planning to improve her outcomes.

Student Activity

Review Mrs. Shriver’s EHR and prioritize your care. Record her vitals and your respiratory assessment findings. Determine which ordered medications Mrs. Shriver needs now and document the safe administration.


    Use in simulation, the classroom or clinical rotations.


    Use with your current scenarios of any kind, or use our scenarios. From maternal-child, to mental health, to critical care – we have scenarios and activities for all types of nursing.


    Great for all levels of nursing – activities and scenarios range from introductory to complex critical thinking.


    Vitals, labs, patient wristbands, barcoded medication administration – we have it all.

Nursing Education EHR That’s Ready To Go

Nursing is often described as the heart of the industry, and we agree – our educational EHR started with nurses in mind. While it’s grown to include all healthcare disciplines, we consider nurses our foundation and have designed patient scenarios and documentation with nurses in mind. We make teachable moments.

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