I’m using Chrome as my browser on my Mac but the EHR will not launch. What do I do?

For Mac users who browse with Chrome please follow these steps to get the EHR to launch.

  • Make sure you have Citrix Receiver installed.
  • Navigate to the main screen where you see the icons for the EHR, Vista, and Printers. Click on the EHR icon to download a new launch.jsp file
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the file name, then click on ‘show in finder’.
  • Right click on the launch.jsp file you see and select the ‘get info’ option. Then expand the ‘open with’ section and click on other.
  • Change the option from ‘recommened applications’ to ‘all applications’. Then click on Citrix Reciever, check the box that states ‘always open with’, and then click on add/done.
  • Click the change all option and when prompted select ‘continue’
  • Click on the icon for the EHR and once the launch.jsp file downloads click on the file one time.
  • When you see the Vista sign on screen enter your user name and password, then select ok.
  • Success! You should now see the patient selection screen.