How do I assign work to my students?

Assigning work to your students in EHR Go is as easy as 1-2-3.

To share content with students: Once you find a patient or activity you would like to assign to your students, you will use the Faculty View to review and assign. Step 3 of the Faculty View: Assign, contains a URL, or link, for the content. Share this link with students to give them access to the content. (You can share the URL by highlighting it and copying it to your clipboard with a right-click or Ctrl+C, then pasting it somewhere for students with a right-click and paste or Ctrl+V on your keyboard.) Again, in order for students to access the patient or activity, a faculty user must assign it to them by providing a link found in the Faculty View Step 3: Assign tab. This link can be posted in your learning management system (LMS) or provided to students on a handout or through email.

To preview content as a student: The Student View will allow you to review the content exactly as your students will see it. You can even download an EHR report in Step 3 of the Student View, Download Work. Click on Step 1. Overview & Resources to find helpful teaching materials related to the chart, such as barcodes, student activities, and answer keys.

To edit content for students: Select the Duplicate button in the Faculty View of any activity or patient that you have not authored or co-authored in order to create a custom version of the item. You will now have an Edit View of the activity or patient and may freely edit the Overview & Resources in Step 1 or the EHR in Step 2. *Note that your custom content will now have a unique assignment URL, so be sure to copy and share the URL from Step 3 in the Faculty View of any content you have customized.

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