I’m using Chrome as my browser on my Mac but the EHR will not launch. What do I do?

For Mac users who browse with Chrome please follow these steps to get the EHR to launch.

  • Make sure you have Citrix Receiver installed.
  • Navigate to the main screen where you see the icons for the EHR, Vista, and Printers. Click on the EHR icon to download a new launch.jsp file
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the file name, then click on ‘show in finder’.
  • Right click on the launch.jsp file you see and select the ‘get info’ option. Then expand the ‘open with’ section and click on other.
  • Change the option from ‘recommened applications’ to ‘all applications’. Then click on Citrix Reciever, check the box that states ‘always open with’, and then click on add/done.
  • Click the change all option and when prompted select ‘continue’
  • Click on the icon for the EHR and once the launch.jsp file downloads click on the file one time.
  • When you see the Vista sign on screen enter your user name and password, then select ok.
  • Success! You should now see the patient selection screen.

I’m using Safari as my browser but the EHR will not launch. What do I do?

For Mac users who browse with Safari please follow these steps to get the EHR to launch.

  • Make sure you have Citrix Receiver installed.
  • At the top of the screen, next to the Apple icon click on the word Safari. Then click on Preferences.
  • Click on the Security tab, then click on plug in settings. If you do not see plug in settings proceed to step 5.
  • On the next screen find Citrix Receiver in that list and click on it. Change the option next to apps.neehrperfect.com from ‘ask’ to ‘on’. Then click done and proceed to step 6
  • If you do not see plug in setting on the Security tab, then click on the Websites tab. Find Citrix Receiver and click the check box next to itu Then change the option next to apps.neehrperfect.com from ‘ask’ to ‘on’.
  • Click on the icon for your EHR. You should then see the words ‘starting application’ on your screen. At the Vista sign-on screen enter your user name and password then click on ok.
  • Success! You should now see the patient selection screen.

What are the mobile requirements to use the EHR?

You can use Neehr Perfect CPRS on hand-held and mobile devices, including but not limited to, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) devices, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. You may need to download the Citrix Receiver Application from the App Store or Google Play store to use on some of these devices, which is free (note that this is an outside app, not created by us).

How do I install the Citrix plugin?

You’ll be prompted to install the Citrix plugin the first time you launch the EHR on a device. These instructions can vary by browser and are usually pretty seamless. You can also choose to install the plugin before opening the EHR. To do this, you can install the plugin in advance by clicking here. This will download a file to your computer. Click on the file and follow the instructions.

If you need help, our Support Desk is available 24/7. You can click here to email Support or call 877-907-2186.

What are the browser, operating system and plug-in requirements?

A computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection (768 Kbps or higher recommended).

Browser Compatibility

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher
  • Safari 5.0 and higher
  • Firefox 3.5 and higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Operating System Requirements
    Make sure the operating system you’re using is supported by the company who made it (e.g., Apple, Microsoft, etc). If the company who made the operating system doesn’t support the version you’re using, we can’t guarantee the EHR will work with this system.

    Browser Plugins Required

  • Flash Player 10.0 and higher
    Citrix XenApp Plugin
  • Please note that third party software vendor terms and conditions may apply with the Citrix plugin. You’ll need to verify the latest version of the Flash Player is installed on all computers that will be accessing Neehr Perfect.

    How do my students purchase subscriptions online?

    If you’ve directed your students to purchase subscriptions directly from us, here are the steps:

    1. Give your students their 6-digit Program Key which starts with an ‘S.’ Faculty can find the Student Program Key and sample text to provide to students under the Admin link in the upper right corner after logging in to EHR Go.

    2. Your students will use that Key to create their accounts by clicking Subscribe at ehrgo.com

    3. Once they’ve created their account and logged in with the credentials they created, they will be prompted to purchase a subscription. They can also find the area to purchase by clicking on their own name in the upper right-hand corner.

    This only applies if students are purchasing directly online from us (as opposed to the bookstore, or if the school purchased for the students).

    How do I locate the videos mentioned in my activity?

    We recently retired our old videos. We updated our activities to reflect this, but you may have an old copy of the activity. If you’re looking at a Scavenger Hunt activity with assigned videos, the video linked here has replaced those videos.

    I got an error that says “You have not chosen to trust ‘DigiCert High Assurance CA-3.” What do I do?

    This means you may have an older version of the Citrix plugin. You need to upgrade Citrix.

    Click here to upgrade Citrix for PC.
    Click here to upgrade Citrix for Mac.

    If you’re still running into trouble, contact our Support Desk by clicking here, or calling 877-907-2186 (24/7).

    How do I get more information about our school’s student subscriptions?

    Whether you’d like to change how students pay for the subscriptions, purchase more or just have questions, you can email us directly at teaching@ehrgo.com.

    Why the Neehr Perfect EHR? What makes Neehr Perfect special and how is it better than any other educational EHR available?

    Theory to practice. What does that really mean? Does it mean that we tell our students about EHRs, have them write a careplan using the computer or assign a chapter on EHRs and then send out into practice and expect that they can juggle their acute patients while understanding and mastering the intricacies of the hospital EHR documentation system? Real EHRs used in practice today link together every aspect of the hospital. Nurses manage patient care, respond to doctors orders, analyze the interdisciplinary record and communicate care to the entire interdisciplinary team, all within the massive computerized system called an EHR. It’s like a hospital and clinic all accessed in their computer screen. It’s totally unlike the way we learned to practice and communicate in our nursing school education. And we need to teach our students how to master these tools and techniques with more than just theory.

    This is why we created Neehr Perfect. With Neehr Perfect, we started with one of the best EHR systems in the world. The Neehr Perfect EHR is our national EHR system. It’s used by nurses in hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinics throughout the nation and around the world.http://worldvista.org/AboutVistA U.S., Canada, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others all rely on the EHR that powers Neehr Perfect to power their hospitals and clinics. Importantly, Neehr Perfect’s EHR is a CCHIT nationally certified inpatient EHR. CCHIT Certified EHRs have been verified as having been successfully implemented and as having met meaningful use objectives in actual physician practices and hospitals. Look for CCHIT certification as a standard of whether your educational EHR is a true EHR for meaningful practice versus a “simulated” fake EHR for use as a theoretical exercise.

    So we created Neehr Perfect using one of the best EHR systems in the world. But that wasn’t enough, because our students need to practice and learn nursing using this powerful EHR, but faculty need an EHR that is adaptable and suited to the educational environment (simulation, clinicals, skills and classroom). So the Neehr Perfect EHR was further designed for education with smart technolgy like the patient record Carbon Copier, the ability to fit the EHR clock to your simulation, evalation technology to empower faculty to assign, review and evaluate student work and to manage the environment your students experience in the EHR with the touch of a button.

    Finally, to access Neehr Perfect, all you need is a website- no software to download, no IT burden. Students can access the EHR from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

    Our responsibility to our students is to offer them the preparation necessary to become safe and effective nurses. Give them the right tools to prepare in your school. Give them Neehr Perfect.