How do I use an EHR Go patient?

EHR patients may not come with instructions and answer keys, but they are designed for concept-based learning throughout the curriculum. Assign students a patient and associated resources to review just as you would a textbook chapter. The patient resources contain the theoretical and clinical content, and the EHR case illustrates the theory in a real-to-life clinical situation. Students can benefit by simply reviewing the EHR, or by caring for the patient in simulation. Teaching Tips found under Help/Resources provide some examples of how to use EHR Go patients for classroom, lab, simulation, and clinical learning activities.

What is the difference between Patients and Activities?

Patients and Activities are two different types of EHR content. In the Library Filter & Sort menu, these categories are referred to as Content Type and the options are Patients and/or Activities.

Patients are healthcare scenarios presented in the form of a realistic and interactive electronic health record (EHR) for the healthcare encounter. Step One of patient-based content contains concept-based teaching/learning resources related to the patient case, which you can find in Step Two. Patients can be used as the basis for any type of concept-based learning, skills practice, or clinical simulation. Teaching Tips are available in the Help library Resources for examples of how to use Patients in classroom, lab, and clinical applications.

Activities are structured assignments for the EHR. Four types of Activities are available, and include: Orientation (foundational concepts and informatics), Knowledge (case study), Skills (documentation practice), and Application (clinical simulation) activities. Activities include an assignment, student instructions, learning objectives, and faculty answer key or teaching materials in Step One.

How do I request for new content for EHR Go’s content library? (Officially published, versus my own custom content.)

Our extensive content library continues to grow from your ideas and requests. Our editorial team is authoring new content year-round and we encourage faculty to submit content requests or even entire scenarios to our editorial team for publication consideration.

Our process for professionally publishing custom content is now a rolling submission and publication process. We will accept any content, case and/or documentation note templates for publication consideration at any time. Content submitted for publication will be reviewed and a determination will be made by the first Monday of the following month and, if selected for publication, will be published by the first of the following month. A limited number of publication-appropriate cases and documentation notes will be selected for publication each month, depending on content received.

EHR Go editorial reviewers are looking for quality content that is medically accurate, unique to the EHR Go content library and includes diversity, and interprofessional educational value. If cases and documentation notes aren’t selected for publication, this is typically because EHR Go already contains similar published cases or documentation notes or the submitted case or documentation note is incomplete or inaccurate. Click here to download the patient chart submission form, and here to download the documentation note submission form.

EHR Go Activity List

See all of EHR Go activities in one document. Click here to download

Didactic teaching tips: Ethics of the undocumented immigrant

Topic: Care of a non-English speaking patient, culturally-sensitive care, post-partum depression, undocumented immigrants and immigration, impact of policy on healthcare. Click here to download the PDF.

Skills lab teaching tips

See an example of how to use an EHR patient case in the skills lab by clicking here.


Using EHR Go interprofessionally

See an example of how to use an EHR Go patient case in IPE team care planning and/or patient care. Click here to download the PDF.