20 Questions to use With EHR Go patient cases

Use these questions and any other questions you prefer with the assignment of an EHR Go patient case to create a critical thinking activity in EHR Go. Click here to download the questions.


EHR Go Note List

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This list will be updated as new notes are added. Last update: 12/10/2019.

How do I get rid of items that I don’t want?

If you authored the item, you can Delete it in the Edit View. Items authored by your colleagues or EHR Go can be archived and hidden from your view using the Action menu on the patient or activity tile and selecting “Archive.” You can view Archived items using the Filter and Sort Quick selection “Include Items I’ve Archived.” To unarchive an item, use the Action menu on the archived patient or activity tile and select “Unarchive.”

How do colleagues and I create and edit patients and activities together without duplicating?

Under the Edit View, Step 3: Invite, enables you to select other colleagues from your program or collaborating program(s) to become a co-author. Co-authors can freely edit any co-authored content without duplication.

Who sees what? How is content shared or kept private?

The patient or activity author is shown on the photo tile. Items authored by us here at EHR Go are available in the general content library and can be seen, reviewed, and duplicated for editing by any faculty user. Items authored by you can only be seen, reviewed, and duplicated for editing by other faculty in your own program or collaborating program, i.e. a program with which you have explicitly requested to collaborate. Students in your program will only see the content for which you have provided the Assign link, which is available in Step 3: Assign under the Faculty View.

Why are my students seeing patient Jane Shriver when I haven’t assigned her?

Jane Shriver is the patient students use with their EHR Orientation activity. The EHR Orientation is automatically in their Library (you don’t have to share the activity link with them), so they’ll see Jane Shriver along with this activity.

What tabs and content do my students see?

Students have a Library and Help tab. The Library tab will only contain the Student Portfolio, the EHR Orientation activity, and then any patient or activity you assign to them. The Help tab contains videos and user guides marked for students.

Am I able to request changes to the charts in EHR Go?

Of course. There are two ways to make changes to cases in EHR Go:

1. You can edit patients using our Create and Edit tool. Go to the Create tab, click on Add New in the upper-right corner to create a brand-new patient, or click into an existing patient, then click on Duplicate to edit that patient. The patients you create and edit in this tool will be private to your program only.

2. You can suggest an idea for a new or changed case by clicking here.

How do I edit EHR Go published patients and activities?

Please review the guide and video on this topic found under Help – they include tips to ensure success. Select any EHR Go patient or activity from the Create, Collections, Community, or Library and press the Duplicate button. Use the Edit View to make changes that will be seen when you share the assignment link of the custom content.

Note: Any changes made while in the Faculty or Student View will only be seen by you. You must use the Edit View to make changes others will be able to see.

I’m just getting started with EHR Go. How do I find what I need?

EHR Go includes hundreds of patients and activities, and the ability to add your own materials, for hands-on learning throughout the curriculum. The Faculty Network is organized to make it easy for you to find, sort, edit, and create your content.

Tabs in the Faculty Network

Create: Add your own case patients and activities and/or find and organize your existing custom content.
Collections: Curated, or hand-picked by the EHR Go team, collections of patients for a variety of teaching topics and themes. Get ideas and find patients for your courses and special topics.
Community: Find patients by clinical site or location of care.
Library: Search through the entire library of content – patients and activities. Includes all case patients and activities, even your custom content. Use the search box and filter and sort functions to enter key concepts and choose specific content attributes for your search.
Help: View guides and videos to assist you in getting the most out of Go. Resources provide Teaching Tips examples for incorporating the EHR content and maximizing the value for your students.