I thought I was using Neehr Perfect?

On June 1, 2018, HIT and HIM programs were upgraded from our original version, known as Neehr Perfect CPRS, to this version. We took the opportunity to say goodbye to the name “Neehr Perfect” and we have become EHR Go. Subscription activation cards purchased from your bookstore may still say “Neehr Perfect”. They are valid and will work with EHR Go.

What kind of barcode scanner do I need?

Any 2D scanner capable of reading Data Matrix formats will work in EHR Go. We often recommend this model, but any scanner that fits the requirements will work.

How do my students purchase subscriptions online?

If you’ve directed your students to purchase subscriptions directly from us, here are the steps:

1. Give your students their 6-digit Program Key which starts with an ‘S.’ Faculty can find the Student Program Key and sample text to provide to students under the Admin link in the upper right corner after logging in to EHR Go.

2. Your students will use that Key to create their accounts by clicking Subscribe at ehrgo.com

3. Once they’ve created their account and logged in with the credentials they created, they will be prompted to purchase a subscription. They can also find the area to purchase by clicking on their own name in the upper right-hand corner.

This only applies if students are purchasing directly online from us (as opposed to the bookstore, or if the school purchased for the students).

How do I get more information about our school’s student subscriptions?

Whether you’d like to change how students pay for the subscriptions, purchase more or just have questions, you can email us directly at teaching@ehrgo.com.

Is my subscription refundable?

It’s not. Per our Terms of Services, once you’ve activated your subscription, you can no longer request a refund.

What kind of support do you offer?

Lots! We have a dedicated team – curricular experts and former healthcare educators – ready to guide you as you teach with EHR Go. You can call us Monday-Friday, 8-5 Central, at 877-742-3926 or click here to send us an email.

We have a 24/7 technical support desk available to students and faculty – phone (877-907-2186) or by clicking here.

You’ll also see guides, videos and more by clicking on Help at the top of your screen.

What mobile devices work with EHR Go?

EHR Go can be used on any tablet with a minimum screen size of 7” and a minimum resolution of 1024×768.

For the best experience when using an Android device, the tablet will need to run Nougat, or higher.

For the best experience when using an iOS device, the tablet will need to run iOS10, or higher.

EHR Go is not supported on smartphones at this time.

Note: Please be certain the mobile operating system in use is the most current version available from your device manufacturer (ex. Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.) If the manufacturer does not support the version you are using, we cannot guarantee the EHR will work on your device.

What browsers, operating systems and devices can I use with EHR Go?

Internet Explorer 11, latest version of Microsoft Edge, latest version of Chrome, and the latest version of Firefox

Safari 6 and up, latest version of Chrome, and the latest version of Firefox

Latest version of Chrome

Safari Mobile on tablets running iOS,
Chrome Mobile on tablets running Android or iOS,
Internet Explorer 11 on tablets running Windows RT.

Any computer or tablet running Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux Mint or any additional Linux distro that is capable of running the latest version of Chrome or Firefox..

Note: Make sure the operating system you’re using is supported by the company who made it (e.g., Apple, Microsoft, etc). If the company who made the operating system doesn’t support the version you’re using, we can’t guarantee the EHR will work with this system.

What disciplines can use EHR Go?

EHR Go supports all disciplines below. Additional programs may be included within these areas, so please contact us if you don’t see your program here. All patients and their activities are tagged with these programs.

Nursing: LPN/LVN, AS, BSN, MSN programs.

Provider: Includes nurse practitioner, doctoral nursing, physician assistant, and medical doctor programs.

Therapy: Respiratory, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language, nutrition, dietetics, and counseling programs from the technical level through doctoral.

Medical Office (MA/MO): Includes medical office, medical assisting, phlebotomy, receptionist, billing, coding, and insurance programs.

Pharmacy: All levels from the Pharmacy Technician to the PharmD.

HIT/M: All degree levels of health information technology, health information management, informatics, and other administrative programs.

Coding: Basic and advanced coding courses may use coding activities. Note: EHR Go does not yet include an encoder.

My school doesn’t use EHR Go yet. How do we adopt?

Are you working through your EHR Go preview access and are now ready to adopt? Easy!

Just fill out this request form here. We’ll contact you with details for getting started.