Universal Time Shifting

This video will provide a brief overview on how to use Universal Time Shifting.

Group Work with EHR Go

This video will provide a brief overview on how to use group work with EHR Go.

Creating and Editing New Patient Activities

This video will provide a brief demonstration on how to create and edit new patients or activities with EHR Go.

The Different Views of EHR Go

This video will provide you a brief overview of the three different views you will be working with in EHR Go

Medication Administration

Learn everything you need to know about medication administration in Go.

Using filter, sort, and search

This video will show you how to use filter, sort, and search to quickly find content.

Working with Relative Time

Relative time exists to keep your case up-to-date without any work from you. Watch this video to learn more.

Did you copy one of our patients or activities to customize, but can’t get the timing right? Watch this video on how to fix a common relative time issue.

Student Orientation

A quick look into EHR Go for students. These videos cover:

  • How to subscribe
  • What activities you see when you sign in for the first time (EHR Orientation and your Student Portfolio)
  • How you’ll get the rest of their activities (from your instructor)
  • Steps 1-2-3 – and how to turn in your work
  • How to create a new item in a chart