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Reminder! You will be upgraded to the all-new EHR Go on June 1st unless you’ve made arrangements for a later date to accommodate your summer schedule. Start to explore by selecting the EHR Go link in the upper right. Please contact our team with questions. 2017-2018 Activity Updates 9/27/2017: Reporting in the EHR has been […]

What’s the Go! Preview?

Preview is an opportunity for you, as faculty, to learn about the general layout and features of Neehr Perfect Go!. Preview access includes a few examples of Go! charts and activities for you to explore to get a feel for the new system.

What’s Neehr Perfect Go?

Neehr Perfect Go! is an all-new educational EHR experience from the experts at Neehr Perfect. Neehr Perfect Go! is a new type of educational EHR that helps you teach and helps students learn within a realistic and easy-to-use electronic health record application.