How do I build a patient?

Neehr Perfect makes it possible to create a case patient, alter authors and most dates for high clinical fidelity and make copies of the case patient for students and activities without disturbing the original. When creating a case patient, there are three main tasks, 1) Identify your desired learning outcome and learner appropriate objectives, 2) Develop the case story and medical record, and 3) Carefully and thoughtfully document the case medical information, being careful to use the desired author and time stamp signatures.

When making a case patient record, you will want to sign in as the desired generic hospital staff member. See the list of potential generic users in the Neehr Perfect EHR.
Making a case patient is a potentially complex endeavor. Scale of difficulty can be 4/5 to 5/5, depending on the complexity of the case medical information. Click here to read a guide on creating patients. Remember – you can always ask us for help or to create a patient for you! Just email the team at